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Born in 1979, Israel. Yatziv started showing interest in drumming right from day one.

He officially attended drum lessons at the age of 6, and for 15 years, he had studied music and drumming in various institutes in his home town.

During that time Yatziv got exposed to the world of percussion, and especially the oriental and far east music.


He was first introduced to the Tabla (Indian drum) at the age of 17, by his teacher, Sanjay Sharma, with whom he spent 6 years learning, playing and acquiring the knowledge of the Indian classical music.

In addition, in 2001 Yatziv expanded his studies of that art in his 6 months' travel to north India. Ever since his return from India, Yatziv has been active as a professional drummer and a percussionist as well as a master in the art of the Tabla drum and Indian music.


His diverse and unique style allows him to blend in with any type of music.

Nowadays, Yatziv is based in Berlin, Germany, where he Takes part in different bands and projects as well as aneducator and a teacher for both drumming and Tabla playing.


Performing Artist:

Yatziv took part in various bands and different projects worldwide, and was showing amazing talent in both playing and performing, while paying attention to his musicality and sensitivity towards his own sound, both in a group as well as a solo artist.


Here are some of the projects he participated in:


Sanhedrin, Ahvak, Orphaned Land, Solstice Coil, Shlomit Levi (Orphaned Land),

Sanjay Sharma, Reflections, Yuval Ron & the residents of the future, Larry Porter,

Cymin Samawatie, Hot Fur, Soundwitch Project, Marc Miethe & the Didjesbrew,

Satya & Pari, Asad Khan, Roberto Badoglio, Pulsar trio, Namgar, Analog Birds,

Ruslan Sirota, Eran Hollander (Reflections), Matyas Wolter (Pulsar Trio), Xell,

Tom “Fountainhead” Geldschläger, Brigandu, Django Lassi, the Falk Bonitz Trio

and many more.


In addition, Yatziv took part in several theater projects and worked with some of the leading theater institues. such as:


Clipa Theater, Beit-­Zvi- School of acting, The tribute for David Bowie's “Ziggy Stardust

and more.



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