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Studio Recording Musician:



Yatziv is a professional drummer and percussionist with more than 25 years of recording experience. He has contributed his own musicianship and talent on many albums and recordings. Nowadays, Yatziv records from his own home studio.


He plays on different drum sets, various percussion and a master of Tabla (Indian drum).

He played and recorded with various artists of different styles ranging from metal, progressive rock and pop to ethnic music, Indian classical music and more. 


Checkout the complete list of Yatziv's gear and equipment.


If you are interested in recording with Yatziv, please click here.



Here is a list of some of the albums Yatziv Caspi plays on:


Babua Pahari and Yatziv Caspi - Ananda Dhara (2015)

Matyas Wolter and Yatziv Caspi - Live in Berlin (2014)

Django Lassi - “Szupa Czipa” (2013)

The Falk Bonitz Trio - “Märzsonne“ (2013)

Brigandu - “Dragonfly” (2013)

Analog Birds - “Intra Transport” (2011)

Solstice Coil -­ “Natural Causes” (2011)

Maya Elron -­ “Free of Me” (2010)

Yuval Ron & The Residents of the Future - “Residents of the Future” (2009)

Asaf Matityahu - “A Figure In The Dark.” (2009)

Hai Meirzadh ­- “Straight Circles” (2008)

Amaseffer ­- “Slaves for Life” (2008)

Panic Ensemble -­ “Panic Ensemble” (2008)

Ritual -­ “Everyday Ritual” (2007)

Distorted ­ “Memorial” (2005)

Orphaned Land ­ “Mabool – The Calm Before The Flood (acoustic live show)” (2004)

Yuvan Ron - “Futuristic Worlds Under Construction”(2004) 

Thin Lips ­- “Thin Lips” (2003)


Gear (Drums):

Drum kit- Pearl Mahogany classic (limited edition)

Bass drum 22''

Snare drum 13''

Side snare 10''

Toms 10'', 12'', 16'', 18''

Wide array of Zildjian, Paiste and Istanbul Cymbals

Additional accessories- iron cobra double pedals, wind chimes and cow bells


Gear (Percussion):

Various Tabla drums in different tuning

Congas, bongos, udu drum, hang drum, cajon,dholak, darbuka, frame drums, Tibetan bowls and various chimes, shakers and bells



t. bone DC 4000

BD25 Beta dynamic bass drum mic

CD56 Beta dynamic snare/tom mic

EM81 back electret overhead mic


Audio interface:

Focusrite Scarlett 18i20



Cubase le6



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